Automotive Passport Guide

The Garage

Add a vehicle

Tap the “+” button in the navigation bar of The Garage. You can add your vehicle by entering the make, model, and year. For more detailed information about your vehicle you can scan your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or enter it manually.

Add Photos

Tap on the vehicle in The Garage then tap on “Set Photo” to choose photo from your iPhone’s camera roll or to use the camera to take a photo of your vehicle.

Automotive Passport gives you the option to add more than one photo of your vehicle, which may come in handy should you decide to sell it.

You can manage your photos via the “Photos” section under your vehicle in The Garage. Tapping “Edit” allows you to delete a photo or rearrange the photos order by tapping and dragging on the three bars on the right of the photo.

Delete a vehicle

Someday you may sell or trade one of your vehicles. To delete the vehicle simply swipe right to left on the vehicle listing and press delete. You may also tap “Edit” in the navigation bar at the top to delete the vehicle.

A word of warning, deleting a vehicle will also delete all the information you have entered for it. If you want to add the vehicle again, you will have to go through the add process detailed above.


My Valet


Parking in My Valet helps you remember where you parked. If you are using a meter you can also use Parking to keep track of how much time you have on the meter. Tap the “Park” icon to drop a pin on the map. This will display “My Parking Spot” and activates the “Meter”, “Find Car”, and “Photo” icons.

Tap “Meter” to display the time picker. Select your desired time and tap “Set Time” to add a reminder. When the meter is about to expire Automotive Passport will remind you!

To help you remember where your vehicle is parked you can also tap “Photo” to add a photo of your parking spot.

When you are ready to return to your parking spot simply tap the “Find Car” icon to locate your vehicle on the map.

Tapping “Clear” in the navigation bar will cancel your parking information.


Everyone has a favorite mechanic, dealership or just a great place to get your vehicle washed and detailed. With Favorites in My Valet you have quick access to all these.

Tap the “+” icon above the section you want to add a favorite to. Do a search for your dealership, mechanic, or auto care store and tap the “+” icon again to add it to your list of favorites.


The Insurance portion of My Valet lets you add your coverage for individual or multiple vehicles in The Garage. Just add your insurance information in the areas provided. Then tap “Vehicles Under Policy” to select the vehicles you wish to add. Tap “Save” in the navigation bar to save this information.




Reminders in Automotive Passport makes sure you will never forget to renew your driver’s license, insurance, vehicle registration, & inspection. Also, reminders such as Parking will display here as well.

The status of your reminders is indicated by the clock icon on the item. Grey means a reminder has not been set. Green indicates an active reminder and Red shows that the reminder is set to expire soon.

Reminders are also grouped by vehicle so you can add registration & inspection reminders for each vehicle individually.

To add a reminder for your vehicle registration tap on that item in the list, select the expiration date and then the reminder date. Your reminder is now set! You may also edit your reminders at any time.

Thank you for using Automotive Passport – your ride at your fingertips!